The Center for the Development of a Virtual Tumor, CViT, brings together a multi-institutional, interdisciplinary group of investigators with interest in the biomedical, the computational and the mathematical aspects of cancer research. The Center offers password-controlled access to innovative web-based tools that are being developed to facilitate collaborative research activities within this community. Its overall goal is to develop a module-based tool-kit for modeling and simulating multiscale cancer growth dynamics following a complex systems approach.


CViT’s initial goals are:

  • AIM 1: To establish an efficient infrastructure and to then optimize the workflow between the multiple teams, i.e., creating a community.
  • AIM 2: To classify, archive and query already developed models, i.e., building a Digital Model Repository.
  • AIM 3: To initiate a pilot project, which integrates distinct computational modeling modules and platforms in order to test the hypothesis that molecular heterogeneity can quantitatively affect multicellular patterns.

To accomplish these goals the team is structured into three cores:

  • The Administrative Core.
  • The Computational Modeling Core.
  • The Biomedical Data Core.

CViT’s long term goal is to develop a generic, module-based tool-kit for modeling and simulating selected cancer types of interest such as breast, brain cancer, and melanoma following a paradigm-shifting cross-disciplinary complex systems approach. Combined with cutting edge biomedical data, this modeling tool-kit will have significant value for experimental cancer research as it allows researchers to properly study cancer initiation and such critically linked progression features as invasion, angiogenesis and metastasis in the context of an emergent system. Ultimately, this tool-kit will also have important clinical applications including trial design and management as well as patient outcome predictions.

Visit the CViT website for more information about the Center and its collaborators, or to apply for a CViT account for access to the many tools on the site.