The poster prize of the Fourth Biennial Conference on Resting State / Brain Connectivity was sponsored by:


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1st place ($500)

X. Liu, T. Yanagawa, D.A. Leopold, N. Fujii, J.H. Duyn. Resting-state ECoG networks persist during loss of consciousness while losing their spectral signature (Poster 42B)



2nd place ($300)

A. Rieckmann, S.N. Gomperts, K.A. Johnson, J. H. Growdon , K.R.A. Van Dijk. Functional connectivity MRI between the putamen and midbrain is related to striatal dopamine transporter density in patients with Lewy body disease (Poster 91C)



3rd place ($200)

V. Beliveau, D. N. Greve, C. Svarer, V. G. Frokjaer, G. M. Knudsen, P. M. Fisher. Functional connectivity of the dorsal and median raphe nuclei at rest (Poster 32A)



Honorable Mention for:

33B A. Breeden, M. Norr, G. Siegle, C.J. Vaidya Pupil diameter relates to time-varying BOLD functional connectivity
34B C. Chang, D.A. Leopold, M.L. Scholvinck, J.H. Duyn Electrophysiological and behavioral contributions to the resting-state fMRI signal
58B J.B. Czarapata, D.P. Eisenberg, M. Gregory, C. Hegarty, P.D. Kohn, K.F. Berman Association of resting state fronto-striatal network function with striatal presynaptic dopamine synthesis in humans
18A Mastrovito, S. Hanson, C. Hanson Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Low Frequency Oscillations in Resting-state fMRI
43B A.E. Mechling, T. Arefin, H.-L. Lee, M. Reisert, J. Hennig, D. von Elverfeldt, B. Kieffer, L.-A. Harsan Insight into functional brain connectivity remodeling in mu-opioid receptor knock-out mice
89A N.S. Philip, S.L. Carpenter, L.H. Sweet, H.T. Kao, B. Porton, L.H. Price, L.L. Carpenter and A.R. Tyrka Telomere Length Is Associated With Altered Amygdala Resting State Functional Connectivity
91B B.B. Reynolds, T. Chatlos, D.K. Broshek, M. Wintermark, S. Saliba, H.P. Goodkin, T.J. Druzgal Resting-State Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Subconcussion
99C K.Supekar, J. Kochalka, V. Menon Regional imbalance of excitation and inhibition explains intrinsic functional brain hyper-connectivity in childhood autism
47A A. Sinha, W. G. Roncal, N. Kasthuri, J. W. Lichtman, R. Burns Automatic Annotation of 3D Axoplasmic Reticula for Neuron Segmentation
48B G.J. Thompson, W.J. Pan, J.C.W. Billings, J.K. Grooms, S. Shakil, D. Jaeger, S.D. Keilholz Phase-amplitude coupling indicates independence of infraslow versus high frequency neural electrical activity regarding their relationship to resting state fMRI in rats
28A V. Vuksanovic, P Hovel Role of remote synchronization and symmetry in indirect interactions in functional correlations between distant cortical regions

A detailed list of all posters is available in the PDF of the program.


Important instructions for poster presenters:

  • Posters should be prepared in portrait orientation (i.e. not landscape)


  • The dimensions of each poster should be:
      • 3 feet wide x 3.75 feet high  (=38×45 inch, 96×114 cm)


  • Posters should be mounted with pushpins that will be provided.


  • Each poster should be mounted on its poster board between 7:00 am and 8:00 am on the morning of the designated day of that poster to get maximum exposure.


  • Each poster should be removed from the poster board after the poster session but not later than 6:00 pm on the designated day of that poster. Any posters still mounted at 6:00 pm will be discarded.


 Please find additional poster presentation tips here.