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NCRR Shared Instrumentation Grants (SIG)

Federal funding has been critical in equipping the Martinos Center Core facilities with state-of-the-art technologies. The Shared Instrumentation Program provides a cost-effective mechanism for groups of NIH-supported investigators to obtain instruments that are typically too expensive to be obtained through a research project grant. The NCRR Division for Biomedical Technology Research and Research Resources administers the SIG program, which offers awards of up to $500,000 toward the the direct costs of these instruments.

Below is a list of SIGs obtained by the Martinos Center to support the purchase of imaging equipment:


Award Date

Grant Number

PI Name

Project Title

15-MAY-2012 S10OD010759 Bonmassar, Giorgio Geodesic EEG System
15-APR-2012 S10OD010364 Rosen, Bruce 3T MRI for Clinical and Translational Imaging
01-APR-2011 S10ODRR031599 Hamalainen, Matti Elektra NeuroMag Electronics Upgrade
08-JUL-2010 S10RR029495 (high-end) Brownell, Anna-Liisa Inveon Triple-Modality Imaging System (PET/SPECT/CT)
01-JUL-2010 S10RR026666 Brownell, Anna-Liisa Carbon-11 Radiopharmaceutical Production System
01-APR-2009 S10RR025563 Dai, Gungping (George) Upgrade for Biospec Console and Accessories for the 9.4T/2cm Magnet
01-MAY-2009 S10RR025504 Moore, Anna IVIS Spectrum Imaging System
01-MAY-2009 S10RR023401 (high-end) Fischl, Bruce A Storage Area Network for Structural and Functional Image Analysis
01-MAR-2008 S10RR024694 Belliveau, John MRI-Navigated 2-Channel TMS with 60-Channel EEG
10-JUN-2007 S10RR023385 Rosen, Bruce 500MHz NMR Spectrometer for Molecular Imaging Applications
01-JUN-2007 S10RR023452 Brownell, Anna-Liisa F-18 Synthesizer
15-JUL-2007 S10RR022976 (high-end) Jenkins, Bruce Combined MRI/PET Imager for Simultaneous Acquisition of PET/MRI Data
01-AUG-2006 S10RR023043 (high-end) Sorensen, A Gregory Silicon Graphics Prism Extreme 128P/1TB
01-MAY-2007 S10RR019371 Sorensen, A Gregory 7T Translational MRI
01-AUG-2006 S10RR023009 (high-end) Ackerman, Jerome 15T Ultrahigh Field Horizontal MR Microscope
01-APR-2006 S10RR021110 Rosen, Bruce Siemens MAGNETOM Trio 3 Tesla MRI System
15-APR-2006 S10RR019933 Sorensen, A Gregory High Resolution PET Camera for Brain Imaging
01-MAR-2006 S10RR022428 Boas, David Multiphoton and Fluorescence-Lifetime Microscope for in vivo Functional Imaging
15-APR-2005 S10RR020948 Sorensen, A Gregory Image Archive System for MRI Systems
01-MAY-2004 1S10RR017208-01A1 Rosen, Bruce R. Cyclotron and Radiochemistry
01-MAY-2004 1S10RR019254-01 Sorensen, A Gregory A 3.0 Tesla MRI System in a Neuroscience ICU
01-APR-2004 1S10RR019307-01 Fischl, Bruce Computeserver Structural & Functional Image Analysis
01-APR-2002 1S10RR016811-01 Ackerman, Jerome L. 4.7T Magnetic Resonance Console
01-APR-2002 1S10RR016768-01 Brady, Thomas J. Shared Instrument Grant: Volume CT
01-APR-2001 1S10RR015728-01 Brownell, Anna-Liisa MicroPET for Animal Studies
30-SEP-2000 1S10RR014798-01 Belliveau, John W. 306 Channel MEG Instrument
15-APR-1998 1S10RR013026-01 Lewandowski, E Douglas Spectorscopy/Imaging Cosole for Studies at 9.4 Tesla (Partial funding for 14T console)
01-AUG-1995 1S10RR010405-01 Kennedy, David N. Hierarchical Distributed Storage System for Ultrfast MRI
21-MAY-1993 1S10RR008255-01 Rosen, Bruce R. Biospec 30/60 3T in vivo Spectroscopy/Imaging System
12-APR-1990 1S10RR005873-01 Ackerman, Jerome L. . Console for 2.0T MR Spectrometer
17-APR-1989 1S10RR004898-01 Brady, Thomas J. 2T Real Time MR Imaging System
01-JUN-1987 1S10RR003264-01 Ackerman, Jerome L. 400MHZ NMR Spectrometer


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