MEG analysis software at the Martinos Center

MNE software (current version 2.7)

    To access the MNE software on the LINUX workstations in the Martinos Center, in tcsh or csh, say

    setenv MNE_ROOT /usr/pubsw/packages/mne/stable
    setenv MATLAB_ROOT /usr/pubsw/packages/matlab/current
    source $MNE_ROOT/bin/mne_setup

    or in POSIX shell (bash)

    export MNE_ROOT=/usr/pubsw/packages/mne/stable
    export MATLAB_ROOT=/usr/pubsw/packages/matlab/current
    . $MNE_ROOT/bin/mne_setup_sh

    The above commands give you access to the 2.7 version of the software. There is also a "nightly build" version of the software available containing the latest fixes. To use the nightly build, replace "stable" in the above by "nightly".

    The mne_view_manual command brings up the MNE manual which helps you to get started. Here is a link to the PDFs of the manual:

    MNE software manual, version 2.7 [PDF]

    The release notes are also available as a [PDF]

    The sample data set discussed in Chapter 12 of the manual can be found in:


    You can also download a personal copy of the software from here (Martinos Center username and password required, version 2.7 not yet available there).

    If you want to use one of the previous versions of the MNE Software, goto this page for instructions

Neuromag analysis software

    To access the Neuromag software on the LINUX workstations in the Martinos Center, say (in tcsh or csh)source /space/orsay/8/megdev/Neuromag-LINUX/neuromag_setup_csh

    or in POSIX shell (bash)

    . /space/orsay/8/megdev/Neuromag-LINUX/neuromag_setup_sh

    These commands set the NEUROMAG_ROOT environment variable correctly and add $NEUROMAG_ROOT/bin/X11 as well as $NEUROMAG_ROOT/bin/util to your PATH so that all programs and utilities can be started without specifying the directory path explicitly.

    The Neuromag software manuals are available here (for Martinos Center users only).