Ona Wu, PhD

Professional Information


Associate Professor in Radiology, Harvard Medical School
Associate Neuroscientist, Massachusetts General Hospital
Director of Clinical Computational Neuroimaging, Neuroradiology


PhD Electrical Engineering, MIT, 2002

Martinos Faculty


Mailing Address

Building 149, Room 2301
13th Street
Charlestown, MA 02129 USA

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The research goals of my group are to improve the diagnosis, prognosis and management of patients with brain injury as a result of stroke, cardiac arrest or trauma. Predicting a patient's response to different treatment strategies prior to therapeutic intervention can aid clinical decision-making and thereby improve patient outcome. My group's research concentrates on the development of multiparametric algorithms which combine multiple MRI-modalities to assess tissue injury and recovery. In addition to algorithm development, my group's research involves the refinement of advanced MRI data acquisition and analysis techniques, such as diffusion-weighted and perfusion-weighted MRI. I am the Principal Investigator of several NIH-NINDS funded projects such as

MRWITNESS (P50NS051343 Project 1,
a multi-center phase IIa clinical trial of thrombolysis in patients with
unwitnessed stroke, which if successful, will extend therapy to a patient group
for whom currently none exists), Quantitative MRI-based Metrics for Multi-center
Stroke Treatment Assessment (5R01NS059775, the goal of the project is to develop
tools for multi-center stroke assessment), and Sharing canonical human stroke
data (5R01NS063925, the aim of the project is to develop a repository to share
stroke imaging and clinical metadata).