Dr. Gumenyuk received her PhD in Experimental Psychology at CBRU, University of Helsinki, Finland in 2005. In 2006, she started her clinical training in neurology and sleep medicine at Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit (Mich.). From 2014 to 2018 (February) she was co-director of the MEG laboratory at Meadowlands Hospital (N.J.) where she performed the MEG / EEG brain mapping of epilepsy data for per-surgery evaluation. She joined Dr. Stufflebeam’s lab at the MGH Martinos Center in 2018. She is interested in using multimodal imaging (MEG, (f)MRI and high density EEG) for pre-surgery evaluation of epileptic activity as well as for localization of functional data for identifying the sensory, motor and language areas in patients with epilepsy, including pediatric populations. In the research field, she is interesting in learning how brain develops under normal and abnormal circumstances, and how these outcomes can be demonstrated by MEG / EEG / ERPs / (f)MRI methods.


PhD in Experimental Psychology, University of Helsinki, Finland


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Dr. Gumenyuk’s research projects have been funded by NIH and industrial agencies.