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Important Note:
I am a student and I need to spend time on my classwork. Please do not contact me with any requests or data analysis questions. If you have any questions regarding your data analysis, please ask meg_analysis@yahoogroups.com. I will not reply to any analysis questions send to me personally.
Unless you have a good reason, do not use meg_average for your data analysis. I am not available to answer your questions or to provide any support. Please use the mne stream tools instead and refer to the mne stream manual about averaging. If you have any problems with meg_average, please stop using it and instead use the standard mne stream tools.
All variants of EasyMeg and meg_snapshot are retired and no longer available for use.

Thank you for your appreciation of my request.
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Selected Publications

Liu AK, Cuffin BN, Witzel T, Belliveau JW, Ives J, Blume H, Halgren E, Schomer DL, Dale AM
Accuracy of a Realistic and Spherical EEG head model.
In process.

Dhond RP, Witzel T, Dale AM, Halgren E
Spatiotemporal Maps of Delayed Word Repetition and Recognition.
Neuroimage.In Press.

Lin FH, Witzel T, Ahlfors SP, Stufflebeam SM, Belliveau JW, Hämäläinen MS
Assessing and improving the spatial accuracy in MEG source localization by depth-weighted minimum-norm estimates.

Lin FH, Witzel T, Hamalainen MS, Dale AM, Belliveau JW, Stufflebeam SM
Spectral spatiotemporal imaging of cortical oscillations and interactions in the human brain.
Neuroimage. 2004 Oct;23(2):582-95.

Dhond RP, Marinkovic K, Dale AM, Witzel T, Halgren E
Spatiotemporal maps of past-tense verb inflection.
Neuroimage. 2003 May;19(1):91-100.

Cooperman G, Casanova H, Hayes J, Witzel T
Using TOP-C and AMPIC to port large parallel applications to the Computational Grid.
Future Generation Comp. Syst. 19 (4): 587-596.

Northoff G, Witzel T, Richter A, Gessner M, Schlagenhauf F, Fell J, Baumgart F, Kaulisch T, Tempelmann C, Heinzel A, Kotter R, Hagner T, Bargel B, Hinrichs H, Bogerts B, Scheich H, Heinze HJ
GABA-ergic modulation of prefrontal spatio-temporal activation pattern during emotional processing: a combined fMRI/MEG study with placebo and lorazepam.
J Cogn Neurosci. 2002 Apr 1;14(3):348-70.