The meg_average suite

meg_average is a collection of command line utilities which can be used for the purpose of offline averaging MEG/EEG datasets. They also provide a range of powerful functions for artifact management and signal conditioning. The suite is an independent development and is not part of the Martinos Center MNE stream. It is not supported by any government grants or other funding sources. If you use it, please acknowledge its use in your publication. If you are not able to do so, please refrain from using the meg_average suite. The meg_average suite is provided for free. Please contact me at witzel.thomas at if you intend to use it.
The averager included in the suite is not backwards compatible to the original meg_average program once used at the Martinos Center. The development of the original meg_average program has been discontinued and at it is not supported.
A new website to be hosted under an own domain is under development and will replace this temporary installment.