The Center’s Susie Huang Joins Advocacy Efforts on Capitol Hill

Martinos News

Susie Huang, MD, PhD, Neuroradiologist and staff at the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging recently spent a few days in Washington, DC, where she participated in spring advocacy events for the Academy of Radiology Research. She talked with us about the experience:

“As a part of the American Academy of Rad Research, Council of Early Career Investigators in Imaging I’ve met some great colleagues from across the country. We are all doing diverse research and when we come together, we learn from each other. It’s also a chance to amplify our voice as a group. When we met in WDC, a part of the trip was focused on advocacy. We were charged to meet with our representatives and let them know the role that NIH funding has played in our work.”

In the image above: The Martinos Center’s Susie Huang. Photo courtesy of MGH REMS.

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