The MEG/EEG facility is equipped with a dc-SQUID Neuromag Vectorview MEG system that allows noninvasive spatiotemporal mapping of human brain activity. The Neuromag system has 306 MEG channels (2 planar gradiometers and a magnetometer at each of 102 sites in a helmet-shaped array) and 128 EEG channels. The MEG-EEG system is located in an Imedco magnetically shielded room, with a shielding factor of approximately 250,000 at 1Hz. In addition to the MEG and EEG channels, the system has 32 digital I/O channels for stimulus synchronization and behavioral response recordings, as well as 8 channels for external analog inputs. In addition, we have a 256-channel MEG-compatible geodesic EEG system (Electrical Geodesics, Inc., Eugene, Oregon) available in the laboratory. This system can be either used standalone or in combination with MEG recordings with synchronized data sampling. Computer-controlled visual, auditory, and somatosensory stimulation systems as well as behavioral response monitoring and eye movement tracking equipment are available in the laboratory. All data are stored on a RAID storage system with terabytes of storage capacity. The data are available over a high-bandwidth local network to all analysis computers. Our open-source MNE data analysis software package allows smooth integration of MEG, EEG, MRI, and fMRI data. In addition, the laboratory provides access to other proprietary and free academic analysis packages.