The state-of-the-art MR-PET suite houses a full range of instrumentation for novel combined MR-PET imaging, including the MR-PET scanners in Bay 6 and Bay 7 (see the Magnetic Resonance Imaging page) and cyclotron and chemistry laboratories for production PET radiotracers.


A Siemens Eclipse HP self-shielded 11 MeV cyclotron with single-beam extraction and a four-position target changer (targets currently available: 11C gas target, 18F fluoride water target, 18F F2 gas target, 15O2 target, 13NH3 water/ethanol target).

Radiochemistry laboratory

Includes 2 full-sized hot cells and six mini hot cells for automated radiochemistry, a GMP-qualified production facility with an isolator hot cell and a class-100 biosafety cabinet. Several synthesis modules have been installed, including: Explora FDG4 Module, Explora GN Module for general nucleophilic substitution reactions, Sofie Elixys Module, Hydrogen Cyanide Module, and 15O water module. In addition, a GE FxMeI, FxN, and FxM systems are on site and qualified. In addition to capabilities that allow us to work with 68Ga and 64 Cu isotopes.

Analytical chemistry laboratory and a blood analysis laboratory

Instrumentation in these laboratories includes automated gamma counter and multi-channel radioisotope analyzer along with an analytical HPLC system for quantifying metabolites present in the plasma whether venous or arterial blood draw location.