Science on Tap is a weekly Friday afternoon social where members of the Martinos community gather to eat, maybe have a libation or two, and get to know each other’s work a little better. Every meeting features a 10 to 15 minute talk by a Martinos investigator about his or her latest research, including work in progress, or not yet published efforts, followed by informal discussion over chips and guacamole!

The videos below show many of these presentations, and thus open a window onto the cutting-edge research under way at the Martinos Center.

Seminar Organizers:

If you’re interested in presenting your work at an upcoming Science on Tap seminar, email the seminar organizers.

Past Presentations


April 22nd
Cerebrovascular changes during typical aging – Nikou Damestani
Properties of fast BOLD fMRI responses in veins and parenchyma – Daniel Gomez

April 29th
3 Things You Didn’t Know About Spinal Cord Imaging – Robert Barry

May 20th
An Introduction to Women in Science @ Martinos – Dylan Hughes & Erendira Xenia Garcia Pallares

May 27th
To perfusion and beyond with arterial spin labeling MRI – Meher Juttukonda

June 3rd
The Genetics of Adolescent Psychopathology And the Underdog of Neuroscience – Dylan Hughes

June 10th
Vulnerability of Entorhinal Subfields to Neurofibrillary Tangles in Preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease – Josue Llamas Rodriguez

June 18th
Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in Chronic Pain – Paulina Knight

July 15th
Can realistic models of brain vasculature inform fMRI? – Grant Hartung

July 22nd
The Grand Martinos Summer Quiz

September 16th
A few Martinos Center Updates and a Challenge – Bruce Rosen

September 23rd
The Martinos Center Summer Symposium – Hosted by Women in Science @ Martinos

September 30th
Robust AI for large-scale analysis of heterogeneous clinical brain MRI: Implementation in FreeSurfer – Juan Iglesias Gonzalez

October 7th
An Introduction to Smartsheets – MGB Smartsheets Team

October 14th
Digital privacy – Sam Schoerning

October 21st
3D printing of passive shim configurations – Hanne Vanduffel

October 28th
Updates on the Martinos Center Startup Development Program

November 4th
The current State of Long Covid research – Michael VanElzakker

November 11th
The Grand Martinos Thanksgiving Quiz

November 18th
Multiscale structural mapping of Alzheimer’s disease neurodegeneration and neuropathology – Ikbeom Jang

December 2nd
Inclusive Language Across the Research Pipeline – Nikou Damestani, Adam Khay and Divya Varadarajan & Women in Science @ Martinos

December 9th
OPM-MEG: The present and the future – Mainak Jas


View the Science on Tap YouTube playlist here.