Abbas Yaseen, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School specializing in advanced microscopy for minimally invasive, in vivo characterization of brain function in preclinical models. His group focuses on the development and application of high-resolution optical imaging technologies for investigating metabolic and immune characteristics of brain function and disease-related alterations. The overarching goal of these efforts is to characterize the etiologies of cerebral pathologies such as stroke and neurodegenerative disorders with cellular resolution to yield robust biomarkers for diagnosis and therapy.


PhD in Bioengineering, Rice University

Select Publications

1. Gómez CA, Fu B, Sakadžić S, Yaseen MA. Cerebral metabolism in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease characterized by two-photon fluorescence lifetime microscopy  of intrinsic NADH. Neurophotonics. 2018 Oct;5(4):045008.

2. Yaseen MA, Sutin J, Wu W, Fu B, Uhlirova H, Devor A, Boas DA, Sakadžić S. Fluorescence lifetime microscopy of NADH distinguishes alterations in cerebral metabolism in vivo. Biomed Opt Express. 2017 Apr 3;8(5):2368-2385.

3. Yaseen MA, Srinivasan VJ, Gorczynska I, Fujimoto JG, Boas DA, Sakadžić S. Multimodal optical imaging system for in vivo investigation of cerebral oxygen delivery and energy metabolism. Biomed Opt Express. 2015 Nov 20;6(12):4994-5007.


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