Iris Yuwen Zhou, PhD, is an Instructor in Radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School and a faculty member in the Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging. Dr. Zhou’s work focuses on developing novel MRI methodologies that quantify molecular, metabolic, functional and structural alterations for stroke, fibrosis and tumor imaging. Her research spans tissue characterization using molecularly targeted probes, chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST), diffusion, functional MRI in animal models and clinical translation. More recently, her research topics also include the integration of multi-parametric MRI data with information from other imaging modalities, such as positron emission tomography (PET), through leveraging advances in multi-modal imaging, chemistry, data modeling and image analysis.

Dr. Zhou received a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Hong Kong (HKU) in 2012. After graduation, she took on a formal teaching role at HKU, serving as the lecturer for two undergraduate courses and mentoring senior students on their Final Year Projects. Since joining MGH in 2014, She has published over 20 peer-reviewed papers and is co-inventor on 3 issued patents.


PhD in Biomedical Engineering, The University of Hong Kong

Select Publications

1. Zhou IY, Wang E, Cheung JS, Zhang X, Fulci G, Sun PZ. Quantitative chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) MRI of glioma using Image Downsampling Expedited Adaptive Least-squares (IDEAL) fitting. Sci Rep. 2017 Mar 7;7(1):84.

2. Zhou IY, Fuss TL, Igarashi T, Jiang W, Zhou X, Cheng LL, Sun PZ. Tissue Characterization with Quantitative High-Resolution Magic Angle Spinning Chemical  Exchange Saturation Transfer Z-Spectroscopy. Anal Chem. 2016 Nov 1;88(21):10379-10383.

3. Zhou IY, Liang YX, Chan RW, Gao PP, Cheng JS, Hu Y, So KF, Wu EX. Brain resting-state functional MRI connectivity: morphological foundation and plasticity. Neuroimage. 2014 Jan 1;84:1-10.


Over 40 peer-reviewed journal articles, 3 issued patents

Summa Cum Laude Merit Award, ISMRM-ESMRMB 2014


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