Dr. Coto Hernandez is an instructor at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. Throughout his career, he has developed multiple hardware and software methods able to enhance effective spatial resolution and imaging depth and achieve label-free imaging.



Select Publications

1. I. Coto Hernández, M. Castello, L. Lanzanò, M. d’Amora, P. Bianchini, A. Diaspro and G. Vicidomini. (2016) Two-Photon Excitation STED Microscopy with Time-Gated Detection. Sci Rep, 6, 19419.

2. L. Rishøj*, I. Coto Hernández *, N. Jowett, S. Ramachandran. (2022) Multiharmonic Imaging of Human Peripheral Nerves using a 1300 nm Ultrafast Fiber Laser. J. Biomed. Opt. 27(5), 056501.

3. I. Coto Hernández, S. Mohan, S. Minderler, N. Jowett. (2022) Super-Resolved Fluorescence Imaging of Peripheral Nerve.” Sci Rep 12, 12450. This article was on the Top 100 Neuroscience papers published in 2022


2023: Mentored Quantitative Research Career Development Award (K25)