Nelson Gicana Receives Scholarship from Multicultural Professionals Group

Martinos News

The Martinos Center’s Nelson Gicana has been honored with a 2019 Association of Multicultural Members of Partners (AMMP) Scholarship Award. He accepted the award at a ceremony held on September 12.

AMMP is committed to the advancement, retention, recruitment and development of multicultural professionals into leadership roles at all levels and areas of Massachusetts General Hospital and the Partners HealthCare organization. The group offers the annual scholarship awards to help its members gain the education they need to broaden their skills and advance in their careers at MGH.

Gicana, a financial coordinator at the Martinos Center, is currently studying Computer Information Systems (CIS) at Boston University, with a concentration in Health Informatics. Health Informatics focuses on how healthcare data and operational processes can be made to be more efficient and provide more value to stakeholders using information technology (IT). Areas of study in the field include the flow of patients’ information throughout the care process and ways in which Electronic Healthcare Records impact the delivery of care to the patients. Ultimately, Gicana hopes to use his education to contribute to process improvement and IT integration at Mass General.

In the photo above: Gicana (top row, third from right) has been honored with a 2019 AMMP Scholarship Award.