Susie Huang Receives Jim Thrall, MD, Mentoring Award

Martinos News

The Martinos Center’s Susie Huang, MD, PhD, was one of two research faculty in the Department of Radiology at Massachusetts Hospital to receive the 2024 Jim Thrall, MD, Mentoring Award. The award was established to recognize and honor mentoring contributions of faculty who have demonstrated sustained interest and success in mentoring junior faculty members and trainees.

We recently spoke with Dr. Huang about her experiences mentoring trainees at Mass General, which ultimately led to the trainees nominating her for the award. Here is what we learned.

Tell us about the mentoring you have done at Mass General.

I have mentored a variety of clinical and research trainees at all levels, ranging from high school students all the way to early career faculty. My work with the clinical trainees focuses on translational research, such as the clinical validation and translation of fast imaging techniques. My work with the research trainees focuses on MRI acquisition technology development, analysis, biophysical modeling and translation to clinical neuroscience.

What do you enjoy most about mentoring?

The best part about being a mentor is witnessing my mentees grow and mature as scientists and clinicians. It is amazing to see that evolution.  I’ve been very privileged to watch many of my mentees grow into respected colleagues who I can learn from as they develop their own insights and lines of inquiry.

Do you have a philosophy of mentoring?

I have been very fortunate to have stellar mentors in the department across a variety of domains.  My philosophy in mentoring is to value the individual and recognize that everyone has something valuable to contribute.  It is my job as a mentor to find the core values, interests and talents of my mentees and unlock their potential by providing support, guidance, advice, and ultimately cultivate their independence.  It is a delicate balance to strike, and each mentee is a unique individual who must be treated and valued as such.