The Year in Review: 2019

Martinos News

The MGH Martinos Center closed out the decade with yet another stellar year. In 2019, Center investigators reported advances in a range of areas – from technology development to basic science research and a host of clinical applications  – and generally showed surprising / not-in-the-least-bit-surprising levels of excellence in all of their pursuits. (Scientific or otherwise. See, for example, the “Secret Lives of Martinos Folk” stories at the bottom of this page.)

The round-up below is based on the four quarterly issues of the Center’s newsletter published last year, each of which focused on a particular approach, as well as a special issue commemorating 20 years of ultrahigh-field imaging in the Center. The list is by no means exhaustive. Rather, it is intended as an introduction to the many, diverse projects under way at the Martinos. You can learn more by browsing the Faculty and News pages and other sections of this site.


Molecular Imaging

Ultrahigh- and Ultralow-field Imaging

Artificial Intelligence

Optical Imaging

The Secret Lives of Martinos Folk