Translational Research Award Goes to Optics Division Investigator

Martinos News

Parisa Farzam, a postdoctoral fellow in the Martinos Center Optics Division, received the 2017 Translational Research Award this week at the annual Photonics West meeting in San Francisco.

In accepting the award at the Translational Research lunch forum on Sunday, Farzam described a new technology reported in the abstract for which it was given: “Novel Non-invasive Method for Monitoring Intracranial Pressure with Diffusion Correlation Spectroscopy.” The technology, a DCS-based blood flow monitor, allows non-invasive measurement of intracranial pressure and cerebral perfusion pressure and thus could help to transform the ways we manage traumatic brain injury and other neurological conditions. In current clinical practice, intracranial pressure is measured invasively by inserting a pressure sensor into the brain.

Other authors of the abstract include Kuan Cheng (Tony) Wu, Jason Sutin, Bernhard Zimmerman, Buyin Fu, David Boas and Maria Angela Franceschini.

Photonics West—hosted by SPIE, an international society working to advance the science and application of light—is the premier meeting devoted to optics and photonics technologies, with over 20,000 attendees every year. Among its three tracks is the BiOS conference, which covers biomedical optics, diagnostics and therapeutics, new imaging modalities, and more.