Dr. Blazejewska’s research focuses on combining high-resolution anatomical and functional imaging to study the relationships between tissue microstructure and function in the healthy and diseased brain. She is interested in developing the next generation of methodologies allowing for microstructure-informed, cortical depth-resolved fMRI and applying them to study various functions of the human brain.


PhD in Physics, University of Notthingham, UK

Select Publications

1. Blazejewska, A.I., Fischl, B., Wald, L.L., Polimeni, J.R. (2019). Intracortical smoothing of small-voxel fMRI data can provide increased detection power without spatial resolution losses compared to conventional large-voxel fMRI data. NeuroImage, 189:601-614. PMID: 30690157

2. Blazejewska, A.I., Bhat, H., Wald, L.L. and Polimeni, J.R. (2017). Reduction of run-to-run variability of temporal SNR in accelerated EPI timeseries data through FLEET based robust autocalibration. NeuroImage, 152:348-359. PMID: 28223186

3. Blazejewska, A.I., Shwarz, S.T., Pitiot, A., Stephenson, M.C., Lowe, J., Bajaj, N., Bowtell, R.W., Auer, D.P. and Gowland, P.A. (2013). Visualization of nigrosome 1 and its loss in PD: Pathoanatomical correlation and in vivo 7T MRI. Neurology, 81:534–540. PMID: 24821935


BRAIN Initiative K99/R00 Career Development Award
Fund for Medical Discovery Fellowship, Executive Committee on Research at MGH