Hamid Sabet, is Assistant Professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School and a Cyclotron/Medical Physicist at the Division of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, Radiology Department, Massachusetts General Hospital. He is the director of Radiation Physics and Instrumentation Lab at the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging. While the main research focus of his lab is on radiation imaging and instrumentation for PET, SPECT, Compton Camera, CT, and intraoperative multimodality imaging probes, they work on other research areas including laser micromachining, detector- and system-level monte carlo modeling, image reconstruction, machine learning techniques, and quantum entanglement.


PhD in Quantum Science and Energy Engineering, Tohoku University, Japan

Select Publications

1- Light spread manipulation in scintillators using laser induced optical barriers, L Bläckberg, M Moebius, G El Fakhri, E Mazur, H Sabet, IEEE transactions on nuclear science 65 (8), 2208-2215

2- Novel laser‐processed CsI: Tl detector for SPECT, H Sabet, L Bläckberg, D Uzun‐Ozsahin, G El‐Fakhri, Medical physics 43 (5), 2630-2638

3- A hand-held, intra-operative positron imaging probe for surgical applications, H Sabet, BC Stack, VV Nagarkar
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 62 (5), 1927-1934


PI on funded projects such as: R01, High performance SPECT System for Cardiac Imaging;

R21, High-Performance Positron Emission Tomography for brain imaging;

R21, Novel laser-processed scintillation detector for high-resolution PET scanners


Radiation Physics and Instrumentation Laboratory