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The Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging is soliciting applications for postdoctoral fellowships with a start date in 2024. The Martinos Fellows Program provides postdoctoral candidates with a match to existing labs within the Martinos Center. Labs will provide an annual salary (paid monthly) as well as funding to attend one conference per year and are committed to enhancing the fellow’s research experience and preparing them for independent research. Fellows are recruited for a period of two years at the Martinos Center, with longer tenures possible depending on funding. We seek researchers enthusiastic about interacting with imaging scientists and colleagues from many disciplines.

Areas of specific research interest for 2024 include PET/MRI, fMRI, low-field MRI, high-field MRI, MR physics and instrumentation, imaging probes, image analysis, and machine learning. Applications range from imaging basic neuroscience, receptors, physiology, and whole-body to clinical research and biomarker development. Other emerging topics in imaging will also be of interest to research labs at the Martinos Center. Many of these topics involve interdisciplinary collaboration, and labs frequently collaborate with other research centers in the area.

The Center’s state-of-the-art preclinical and clinical imaging facilities include simultaneous PET/MRIs with a cyclotron facility, high-field MRI, MEG, EEG, optical imaging, microscopy, and more. The Center houses a large community of faculty and trainees conducting diverse biomedical & and neuroimaging research.

Ideal Martinos Fellows will have a background in an area related to biomedical science, physics, or engineering and a desire to creatively use those skills to address the next challenges in biomedical imaging research. The Martinos Center is a highly collaborative environment, and we expect fellows to engage with researchers inside and outside the Center.

The Martinos Center offers postdoctoral fellows numerous opportunities to engage with faculty and trainees across disciplines, including the BrainMap seminar series, Molecular Imaging seminars, professional development panels, and other research group meetings.

MGH is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are particularly interested in attracting women and underrepresented groups to participate as Martinos Fellows.

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We encourage candidates to apply by April 15, 2024, but will continue to review applications until the positions are filled.

Applications can be submitted up to May 15, but review will begin for matching, beginning April 15, 2024.