Meet Nilson Fernandes, the New Operations Director for the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging

Martinos News

This week, the Center welcomes a new member to the Martinos community: Nilson Fernandes, MHM, who will oversee operations of the Center’s always expanding imaging core. He is the first person to occupy the newly created position of Operations Director.

In this brief Q&A, Nilson tells us about himself and what he looks forward to achieving in his new role.

What are your responsibilities as Operations Director?

My Role is very new and will focus on all operations of the Martinos Center Imaging Research Core, including oversight of the MRI operations (Clinical and Preclinical), Radiopharmacy, and Makerspace.

What are you excited to achieve in this role?

I’m excited to Partner with everyone and collaborate on areas to develop a process that is streamlined. I’m enjoying the passion and motivation of everyone in this field of MRI.

Tell us about your background.

My background is a mix of Hospital and Military leadership. Possessing significant Operational, Engagement, and Improvement experiences has prepared me for this Role. Above all else, people engagement is what I enjoy and I look forward to learning from everyone to make me better in this Role.

How do you like to spend your time outside of work?

My time outside is focused on family and friends. This is one of the most important thing for me and tends to drive me. I also enjoy the outdoors and being able to learn new things.