Tweets From the Front Lines

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In the past few weeks, we’ve seen a shift in the Martinos Center’s Twitter feed. Usually teeming with tweets about the latest research, upcoming conferences and occasionally the antics of someone’s adorable dog, the feed is now, unsurprisingly, dominated by updates about COVID-19 and the medical community’s response to the pandemic.

Among these are tweets from medical professionals, often with deeply personal takes on the ongoing crisis. Harrowing, heartbreaking and always very human, the tweets show a side of the pandemic that statistics and charts could never capture. Importantly, though none of the posters would agree with this characterization, they also underscore the many sacrifices medical professionals are making. In sharing the tweets, we hope to honor those sacrifices in some small way.

The tweets embedded below include updates liked and retweeted by Twitter users followed by the Martinos Center. While the original posts didn’t necessarily come from care providers at MGH, any one of them could have.












In the image above: Shadi Esfahani (@ShadiEsfahani), an MGH Radiology resident, tweeted the photo in the header with the caption, “Saw this in our elevator. Heartwarming! Thank you to all the frontline workers fighting.”