Movin’ on Up: Celebrating faculty and staff promotions

Allison Stevens

As we come to the close of the year, we would like to take a moment to look back and congratulate those faculty who were promoted in 2019!

Recognizing her role as a pioneer and a leader in her field, we send a huge congratulations to the latest of our faculty members to be named Full Professor:

Maria Angela Franceschini

Having demonstrated excellence in their fields to the various promotion committees at MGH and Harvard, we applaud those who reached the rank of Associate Professor this year:

Seppo Ahlfors
Marco Loggia
Sava Sakadzic
Anastasia Yendiki

Establishing their independence as members of the scientific community, we commend the instructors who were promoted to Assistant Professor this year:

Berkin Bilgic
David Izquierdo Garcia
Michael Placzek
Christin Sander
Jason Stockmann
Hui Wang

A big cheer to all of our postdoctoral fellows who took the big step of joining the Martinos Center as Instructors:

Anna Blazejewska
Adrian Dalca
Qiuyun Fan
Shasha Li
Fahimeh Mamashli
Elena Herranz Muelas
Yu Yang
Byung Hee Yoo
Iris Zhou

A big welcome to those who have joined the Martinos Center this year as new faculty:

Mathias Davids, previously at the Center as a visiting student working with Bastien Guérin and Larry Wald; now here as an Instructor working in the Magnetic Resonance – Physics & Instrumentation Group.

Meher Juttukonda, an Instructor working with David Salat on imaging methods to better characterize cerebral hemodynamics in cerebrovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.

Jeff L. Zhang, an Assistant Professor, working on both the large and small bore scanner systems to do research on renal and muscle-related diseases.

Staff Promotions!

Also, a big, huge congrats to our indispensable staff members who were promoted in the latter half of 2019.

Bram Diamond
Allison Lovely
Casey Howard
Azia Kabeer
Maya Polackal
Leah Morgan