Prospective Students Experience the Martinos

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Last Friday, the MGH Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging welcomed 18 prospective students from theĀ Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology (HST). The students came to learn about educational opportunities at the Center as they look toward the next stage of their academics.

The informal mixer was open to Martinos faculty and current HST students. Within minutes, chatter about biomedical imaging soon amplified both the student excitement and the Martinos Center pride. The prospective HST students asked questions and learned about the Center’s research opportunities, environment and novel technologies.

A key highlight of the Student Experience was time with Dr. Bruce Rosen, Director of the Martinos Center. Dr. Rosen held small group sessions with the students to learn more about their interests and how the Center is revolutionizing imaging to advance science and medicine.

Organizers of the 2020 Martinos Student Experience included Laurie Ward and Megan Wong from MIT, who assembled the attending students. Manuel Morales, an HST student currently studying at the Center, assisted with the safe transportation of attendees. Onsite organizers included Donna Crowe, Robert Barry, Olivia Rowe, and Ranga Deshpande, who assisted with the planning and delivery of the 2020 Martinos Student Experience.

The Martinos faculty who welcomed the students and spoke about their research included:

The Student Experience is just one of the ways the Martinos Center inspires, educates and informs the next generation of biomedical researchers. Thank you to all attendees and those involved in this year’s event!

Here’s what other HST students have said about their experience at the Martinos Center:

Photo credit: Ranga Deshpande